Welcome to Nifty Jeans and the Nifty Store in Malmö. Our mission is to provide high quality jeans produced in store, as well as leading brands, focusing on style and sustainability.



Nifty, the new In Store Jeans Factory in Malmö. This is a unique concept, to actually manufacture custom made jeans directly in a high street apparel store. Introducing the Nifty Jeans collection, available as Nifty Classic, ready made on display in the store, and also Nifty Custom, which are actually produced in the store. The Nifty Jeans are recognizable by button colors, discreete attributes, and of course selected, high quality denim.

The In Store Jeans Factory will offer even more than the Nifty Jeans. You will find other high quality brands of jeans, shirts and shoes, carefully selected to match up. We are located in one of the best corners in the coolest city in northern Europe, along the most populated walking street. The store itself is 150 sq m and contains an advanced shelf system, providing us with endless opportunities to work with product display and arrangements, giving a more interesting experience for you.

Nifty Jeans is started by us, Adrian Roos, Per-Arne Roos and Max Nordanåker in 2015. Our own Nifty brand, our selected suppliers, our machines and of course our passion to make this work, are what will separate us from the rest and make our offer unique.



Custom made? What’s so special about it? How is that possible and what’s the point about “Custom”..? Well, it’s made possible by our complete range of jeans manufacturing machines and of course our experience in jeans making. The major benefit is that you get a pair of jeans that really fits. You can also of course choose among details, such as denim quality an button colors.

twobuttonsHaving all possible jeans manufacturing machines in-house also means we can provide unequalled service, not only for our own brand, but for other products we carry too. When was the last time your new pair of trousers fit perfectly, just off the shelf? No problem, we hem your new pair of jeans to make the length perfect. And you know what? We do it while you have a nice cup of coffee.

Needless, to say, we carefully select our denim vendors, making sure we get the highest possible quality. For example, you can choose Japanese denim, generally considered to be the best in the world. The difference is that the jeans looks and feels more solid. Why don’t you come into our store and explore yourself? We live and breathe jeans so we love to tell you all about it!

We also need to tell you a bit more about the production machines. They are from the golden age of mechanics, the fifties and sixties. The quality and durability is simply amazing. We love our machines, the accuracy means we get the same good result over and over again. Then it’s only up to us to add skills to create the ultimate perfection for your new pair of jeans.



Want your Nifty Jeans right away? No worries, have a look at our Nifty Classic. Standard sizes, superior denim, Nifty Quality.

You recognize Nifty Classic by the clean design, superior craftsmanship and the passion we put into making them by hand.

You have several models to choose from, slim, skinny and regular.